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Since almost 30 years Maya Beauty Engineering manufactures in Italy medical devices and electro medical units.

In its almost 30 years of experience in the aesthetic and medical fields, MBE has gone abroad and it is now present in 45 markets.

MBE Medical Division is the division of the company which takes care of the medical field, offering to the market effective and safe medical devices, state of the art technologies and non invasive solutions.

The range of units produced by MBE for the treatment of skin blemishes and pathologies includes:  

Oxy Xtra Med: Class IIb medical device for face and body Oxygen Infusion treatments.
Besides being the only certified unit for the medical field, Oxy Xtra Med is the only device in the market equipped with:
- Drugs (also homeopathic products) and active ingredients delivery system
- Oxyneedling® function: unique combination between Oxygen Infusion and microneedling with DTS Roller
- dental applicator

Venusian CO2 Therapy: Class IIb medical device for face and body carboxytherapy treatments.
Venusian is the only unit in the market equipped with:
-    gynecological handpiece

The combined use of carboxitherapy (Venusian CO2 Therapy) and Oxygen Infusion (Oxy Xtra Med) allowed MBE to develop some innovative protocols, such as:
•    Gas Vaginal: for vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation
•    Gas Contouring®: for body contouring
•    Gas Antalgik: for pain therapy

MBE is also the official Italian distributor for the following products:

FTC Lift Threads: a new, painless, non-invasive treatment for face and body,  which serves a dual purpose: on one hand it creates an intense biostimulation of tissue and, on the other hand, provides an efficient support to the structure on both cutaneous, connective tissue or muscle structure.
Effective and easy to use, FTC Lift is a medical device that uses microthreads in PDO (polydioxanone) resorbable and generates a rejuvenation of the skin and tissues with obvious effect of soft lifting.

DTS Roller for microneedling: thanks to the presence of 450 needles, DTS rollers are even more effective and much less painful, thanks to the special diamond-shaped tips.

Genosys cosmeceutical line: sterile, antioxidants, paraben-free, pH-controlled  solutions and produced according to pharmaceutical standard.

MBE Medical Certifications

Certificazioni MBE MEdicale

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