Carboxytherapy in the treatment of genital rejuvenation and erectile dysfunction

Genital rejuvenation and erectile dysfunction are becoming some of the most requested treatments in medicine and aesthetic medicine field.
It is, therefore, of the main importance to approach these problems in a serious and effective way, thus in order to guarantee the patients a more satisfying sexual life and, as result of that, a better life quality.

With regard to genital rejuvenation, during life time the female genital organs undergo many physiological changes in terms of shape and volume, as well as functional changes.
In the aesthetic medicine field, carboxitherapy treatment assumes a main role, since carboxytherapy is able to re-oxygenate and reactive the metabolic and drainage processes, slowed down by physiological ageing.
Moreover, a properly effected treatment is, often, able to revitalize the entire female genital area, making it more sensible to the stimulus.

Erectile dysfunction might have either organic or physiological origin.
From a physiological point of view, penile erection is a mechanism which involves various “actors”: from endocrines glands, to central nervous system, till vascular system.
In particular, the vascular system allows the erection thanks to the afflux of blood to the penis.
In case the erectile dysfunction is of vascular origin, the doctor can help the patient to recover complete functionality of his sexual organ thanks to carboxitherapy injections.

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