Oxygen Infusion delivery of drugs and active ingredients

Drugs and active ingredients delivery system

Oxy Xtra Med

Drugs and active ingredients delivery system

https://venusian.it/en/venusian-co2-protocols/dermatology-treatments/MBE R&D staff recently developed a special tool to effectively and painless delivery drugs and active ingredients into the skin, without the use of needles.

The applicator can contain up to 4 cc of active solutions and can be easily connected to the MBE Oxygen Infusion face probe.

This special tool can be used to deliver homeopathic drugs into the skin.

Fields of application:
- Orthopedics,
- Physiatrics
- Sport medicine
- Aesthetic medicine
- Dermatology

The system is especially suited to treating patients who have a phobia of needles, or treating areas extremely sensitive to pain.


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