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Gas Contouring®: CO2 & O2

Carboxitherapy (CO2) and Oxygen Propulsion (O2) for very effective body shaping treatments.

Gas Contouring®: CO2 & O2

Gas Contouring® is an innovative, effective, safe and painless body contouring technique which combines, in a synergic way, the effects of carboxytherapy, localized injections of carbon dioxide using a mesotherapic technique (performed with Venusian CO2 Therapy) and MBE Oxygen Propulsion®, localized infusion of pure pressurized oxygen at a pressure of approximately 2.5 atmospheres (performed with Oxy Xtra Med).

Clinical Studies have demonstrated the effects of the gases on:  

- Microcirculation: by mechanically re-opening the closed capillaries, reactivating the malfunctioning ones and increasing the percentage of oxygen in the tissues
- Adipose tissue: by breaking down the fat cell membranes (lipoclastic effect for body shaping) and reducing fat deposits.
- Skin: improving skin elasticity and rejuvenating the skin.

The result is an important reshaping of the figure, the improvement in skin hydration and elasticity, as well as a marked reduction of localized fat deposits.

The combined use of the two gases guarantees a better body contouring result.


promo video gas contouring abdomen

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