The use of oxygen infusion in sports medicine, physiatry, physiotherapy rehabilitation and orthopaedic medicine

This clinical study, performed by M.D. Posabella, draws the attention to the possibility to use MBE Medical Oxygen in sports mdicine, physiatry, physiotherapy rehabilitation and orthopaedic medicine.

In fact, Oxygen Infusion is strongly indicated in the treatment of both superficial and deep inflammatory conditions and in the pain treatment.

The key role of oxygen as a reactivator in the aerobic processes is fundamental, some studies demonstrate that  the glycolysis mechanism favours  reactivation of the disposal of accumulated toxic wastes in the area affected by the extravasation around the tendon and the reduction of the inflammation.

In addition, the delivery, using oxygen infusion at 2.5 atm., of active substances, speeds up the healing  of the inflammation.

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